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Apr 14, 2022 - Benjamin Wachman
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I haven’t been able to keep up with the work I’ve wanted to do to continue publishing SSD content on the site. I’ve finished doing all of the retesting on the v2 Testbed, but am more than a little intimidated by the amount of work it’s going to take to put together a comprehensive review that shows data from all of the tested drives across two testbeds.

Rewinding a little bit, this site was a passion project born out of the pandemic. I spent a decent bit of time in 2020 furloughed and was looking for something interesting to occupy my time. A few sessions of SSD benchmarking turned into a writing project which turned into this site. I actually performed all of the benchmarking that spanned all of my Testbed v1 pieces over the course of just a couple weeks. It then took me the intervening time to write up the first roundup review, decide I wanted to turn it into a website, and then figure out how to write and self-publish the blog. Each subsequent piece then ended up as a weekend or late-night project after furloughing had ceased. I already had all the data, and writing up a little review in the same format as the previous reviews wasn’t too difficult.

But between selling my house, moving to another state, and then dealing with some personnel turnover at my job, I’ve had my hands full and had little mental capacity for doing technical writing outside of work.


It’s almost been a whole year since I published an SSD piece. I’m still interested in writing more on the topic – I’ve even got a whole slew of new OEM SSDs in my digital shopping cart to buy to add to the charts. But right now I’m excited at the prospect of writing about another topic that’s even more esoteric than OEM SSDs. For now I’m going to keep this a bit close to the vest, but based on a few minutes of searching I believe there is little to no content on the internet about this topic.

Stay tuned!

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