Upcoming SSDs and Testing Roadmap

A list of the drives that have hit or will soon hit my test bench.

Jan 4, 2021 - Benjamin Wachman
Tags: #Methodology-v1 #Testbed-v1 #SSD #NVMe #SATA

In case anyone reading this is eager to know what other drives I’ll be testing in the near future, I figured I’d provide some lists:

Drive Capacity Notes
Crucial MX500 500GB Retail Drive
Intel 520 180GB Sandforce-based SSD from yesteryear
Samsung 850 EVO 500GB Retail Drive
Samsung 860 EVO 1TB Retail Drive
Samsung PM871b 128GB OEM Drive

Unboxing the latest round of SSDs to test that arrived today.

Drive Capacity Notes
Intel 660p 1024GB Intial QLC entry, Retail Drive
Samsung 960 Pro 2048GB Retail Drive
Samsung PM981a 256GB OEM Version of 970 EVO
Samsung PM981a 512GB OEM Version of 970 EVO
Samsung PM991 256GB Larger capacity of previously reviewed PM991 128GB
Toshiba XG6 256GB Smaller capacity of previously reviewed XG6 1024GB
Western Digital SN520 256GB Larger capacity of previously reviewed SN520 128GB
Western Digital Blue SN550 1000GB Retail Drive

It is my intention to review each of these drives, either individually or in a roundup, before moving onto my next generation Testbed - v2.0. I’ll likely iterate my testing Methodology as well - also to v2.0 to include some more real world tests and possibly retool or retire some of the existing tests.

The idea is to get a bit of a baseline published for a moderate sample of SATA and NVMe SSDs in varying capacities from different vendors before retiring my first testbed. I purchased the Asrock Z97E-ITX/ac to replace an existing system, not to act as a dedicated testbench. In my mind Tesbed v1.0 should already be EoL, I just need to get around to replacing it.

There’s a chance that I might provide reviews for a couple more drives, but that’ll depend on my ability to purchase them or swap them out of existing systems.

Once I transition to Testbed v2.0, I’ll retest all of the previously tested drives and then begin adding more, including PCIe 4.0 drives.

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